A Lukewarm Writer

The title “lukewarm” comes from the Biblical passage in Revelation in which God prophesies to the Laodiceans that because they are neither hot nor cold they will be spit out of God’s mouth.

This imagery was a personal message for the Church in Laodicea because of their great aqueducts. In the time period it was common for one aqueduct to provide a city with hot water, while another would provide cool. The city of Laodicea, however, had an aqueduct that stretched for five miles; which, by the time the water reached the city it was neither hot nor cold… it was good for nothing.

With only one new post in the last 11 months, the lukewarm blog has been anything but hot.

I am confidently ok with that. I’ve spent a lot of time since 2011 blogging mostly spiritual and political commentary, sorting through ideas, and working to make sense of life.

In the last 11 months my life has changed by leaps and bounds. Effort and energy that was once driven into stoking a fire of thought and reason has been diverted into those thoughts lived in practice; sometimes successfully and other times not so much.

The fact that this blog ran cold was due to the heat being produced elsewhere.

Now I am writing again to chronicle and share my experiences. I consider it a practice in living a life of utility both internally and externally. I do it to challenge myself to be better than I was the day before and to maintain my sanity, but you’re more than welcome to join me.

As always, with much love,
A lukewarmdisciple


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One response to “A Lukewarm Writer

  1. Completely understand as I’ve experienced similar writing/living, being/doing challenges. Looking forward to your sharing the “practiced” part of your life. Flowing hot and cold.

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