tiny Criticism: Marital Bliss

Believe it or not, there are critics of the tiny house movement. While some people we’ve talked to are strongly opposed to the lifestyle, most people just have curious concern.

One of the smaller, but most common, concerns/criticisms is what to do when needing a break from your significant other (or just the person you’re living with). How will we ‘keep the peace’ with no place to escape from each other?

It would be easy to say, “We don’t fight! We don’t need our own space,” but we aren’t fools. Even if you and your significant other don’t fight and you think you could handle being in each other’s hair all the time it’s probably best to be prepared just in case you do need some alone time.

Fortunately, there are a few options that we’ve considered.

Night Out

One option that we’ll be using is for each of us to take a ‘Night Out’ during the week. We already do this to a certain extent in our one bedroom apartment. One night a week my wife has dinner with her mom. It gives me a chance to have some time to myself. Saturday and Sunday mornings I sneak out so she can sleep in and wake up slow. Whether in a tiny house or not, it’s just good practice to let your significant other to have some time to themselves.

Separate Areas

It’s important to know what you personally need for alone time/decompression. My wife likes to cook and take baths; so our whole bottom floor is basically going to be the kitchen and bathroom. Personally, I just need a little lounge space to read and be on my computer. We’ll be putting in a second loft with cushions and pillows as a lounge space. The choice to build space specifically for us doesn’t leave space for entertaining or overnight guests, but if we really need to do that we can always use…

Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is one of the main reasons to go tiny for us. Going tiny frees you up and in some ways forces you to get out of your house more often. My wife likes to sit outside and relax and I like to run around and be active. We have a lab-pointer mix with endless hours of energy. Without a doubt, the outdoors will be our favorite place to give each other alone time. The best part, if you aren’t a nature lover, is that ‘outdoor space’ doesn’t have to be outdoors. It could be whatever community space you enjoy. Restaurants, coffee shops, friend’s houses, the gym, clubs, religious centers, workshops, etc.

As you can see, we’ve got some options. I’m sure there are more that we haven’t thought up yet. I’ll let you know when we do.


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  1. Deena logan

    The roof? Lol

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