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Critical Thoughts on Gay Marriage

I want to address some points made in an opinion piece by Katherine Kersten concerning the Minnesota marriage amendment.

1) “…we “limit” marriage in a variety of ways. You can’t marry your sister or your father. You can’t marry a 12-year-old, or two people, or someone who’s already married to someone else.”

Incest, pedophilia, and polygamy are all considered forms of oppression in the modern day United States and are thus legislated against. How do they in ANY way compare to a consensual relationship?

2) “The vital role of marriage… has been to link men to women and the children produced by their sexual union, in order to create the optimal environment for rearing the next generation.”

Well Ms. Kersten, since 1978 we’ve seen that the sexual orientation of the parents have absolutely NO significant effect on the child’s development.

3) ” Boys and girls need… both a father and a mother to model how to live.”

So what you’re saying is that there is only one way to be a man and one way to be a woman?

“Mothers tend to nurture, while fathers tend to encourage risk-taking”

So not ALL mothers nurture, or fathers encourage risk-taking! Wait… that’s confusing.

4) “Society should be wholly indifferent as to whether a child has a mother and a father, [same sex marriage supporters] say. Any two (or three?) people will do.”

Yes, I think the world’s 143,000,000 orphans would agree with that sentiment (along with the psychological community).

5) ” If same-sex marriage becomes law, all Americans will be required to adopt or conform to this view.”

Don’t worry Ms. Kersten, you won’t be required to adopt this view. What you meant to say is that because everyone else will see your views as bigoted and prejudiced you will feel pressure to conform. There is nothing making you do that though!

6) “…the notion of a unisex reality contradicts both our daily experience and the testimony of human history.”

Pretty sure gay people exist right now in my daily life and the first recorded gay couple was in 2400 B.C.E. that’s pretty far back in human history…

7) “Our public schools face growing pressure to promote unisex ideology — often under the guise of “antibullying” education.”

Yup, let’s let our straight kids beat the gay right out of ’em! Or just verbally harass them until they take themselves out of the game (33% of homosexual youth attempt suicide which is 2 to 3 times more likely than heterosexual youths).

8) “In Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., Catholic Charities’ public adoption and/or foster care programs have been compelled to close, because of claims of discrimination.”

“Sorry, Timmy. I know you’ve been wanting to be adopted for 8 years and there’s a really great home for you, but you’ll have two dads. I’m going to have to keep you on the government’s dollar for another 6 years or until one of those couples who can make their own kids wants you. Trust me. It’s what Jesus would have done.”

9) “At corporations like Target and General Mills, employees who believe children need a mother and father increasingly fear that making their views clear could threaten job advancement.”

This just in! Supporting inequality is looked down upon in the United States…

10) “Meanwhile, in California, Gov. Jerry Brown is poised to sign a law saying a child can have three legal parents.”

Meanwhile, in New York City, Jane Doe’s mother just remarried and she now has… three parents!

11) “Same-sex marriage advocates assure us that they oppose “limiting” the freedom of others. Really? It’s time for them to look in the mirror.”

Are you even aware that straight folks can still get married? We aren’t swapping out ‘hetero’ for ‘homo’. With this worldview EVERYONE can get married!

12) “The Minnesota marriage amendment ensures that the people of our state will retain the power to define marriage. Without it, politicians and judges will seize that power.”

Power hungry politicians! If only there was a way I could choose a different one to represent me. One that agreed with MY political stance…

13) “If… you believe that children NEED both a mother and a father, be prepared to be declared ‘persona non grata’ in civilized society. Be prepared to live with a target on your back, proclaiming in bold letters: ‘Bigot.'”

Finally, you heard me!

All joking aside, EVERYONE needs to have interaction with both males and females… LOTS OF THEM. Lots of both, because every single person has a different worldview and perspective. What our states, countries, and world need are people with a wide understanding of perspective in order to bridge the gaps that close us off from each other. Cultural, biological, and geographic differences are wreaking havoc on us politically, economically, and socially. Choosing ignorance and legislating discrimination against a specific group of people is not going to help solve this problem.


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