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Guns are not the problem…

… but neither are they the solution.

What happened today in Connecticut is a tragedy. It is outrageous to believe that someone would go into an elementary school, of all places, and go through with massacring 27 people including 20 children.

While I agree with gun enthusiasts in saying that the gun was not the problem, I also agree with gun control advocates who argue that if guns were more restricted this would not have happened.

Either way, we cannot change it now. We can only look toward the future and decide what form of action we are going to take.

I think that the Obama administration’s comment about not being the time to discuss things is cowardly. If a bus had crashed and 20 school children were left dead we would want to know why. We would want to solve the problem, whatever that solution might be.

However, with how polarizing the second amendment debate is, no politician would touch that subject with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole (yes, that’s a Grinch reference, Merry Christmas).

This is where the American public, “We the people,” must voice our displeasure. Whether the preventative measure is to be taken against attitudes that cause people to go on such rampages or against the objects they use to release their emotions I am all for it; because I will not be satisfied with the preventable deaths of 27 people.

If Jesus was dissatisfied with the chopping off of one enemy’s ear, how much more outraged should I be at 27 lives being taken!

Guns are not the problem, but they certainly are not the solution.

Firearms are an offensive weapon meant for attacking. There is nothing defensive about them. A gun cannot shield you or repel an enemy’s advance. Any shadow of defense they possess is in their use for intimidation of injuring and killing an attacker. They have no power for healing or protecting in and of themselves.

Until we can further diagnose the internal problems that cause humans to use firearms in ways that they were used in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School today; I will be in support of more strict gun regulations.

My reasoning is something I try and communicate to my seventh graders all the time; that is, “We are in control of only our own actions. We cannot control someone else’s actions.”

Because I cannot control what other people will do with firearms, I will sacrifice my right to posses one in order to prevent further tragedies like this one.

If you disagree with me and would stand idly by while 27 people are brutally murdered by a man wielding two handguns today, then you must be willing to live with your choice for personal freedom over the lives of others.

The Bible talks of swords being beaten into plowshares. I dream of a day in which guns, bombs, and other weapons will be beaten into ships that will bring food to the hungry and drills that will unleash water for the thirsty. Our knives will become scalpels to repair the broken, axes and saw blades to harvest wood to build homes for the homeless, and syringes to cure the sick.

Guns are not necessary for our survival. When did our privilege to own one become more important than someone else’s inalienable right to life?


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During the political season there are always conversations and debates about “entitlement.”

There are accusations of entitlement made against people living on Government Assistance Programs; that they are owed something because society has dumped on them.

There are accusations made that Democrats buy the ‘poor vote’ by giving handouts to drug addicts and prostitutes.

There are even accusations that the poor should be ashamed of themselves because they are asking for more help.

Why can’t they just get a job like everyone else!?

Why can’t they get off their lazy butts and be productive!?

Why do they insist on taking MY hard EARNED money!?

I think they are valid questions for someone who isn’t a believer and follower of Jesus, but if you consider yourself a Christian then maybe you should pay more attention to what scripture and Jesus actually say…

‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.’

Variations of this statement can be found throughout the entirety of the Bible; Deuteronomy, 1 Samuel, Psalms, and 1 Corinthians for example.

That means that you do not own anything. You are a steward. You possess something that belongs to someone else. The only ownership you have is of the decision on how to use what you possess.

Your money is not your own. Your body is not your own. Your time is not your own. Your life does not belong to you. That is the confession you make when you submit yourself to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

“Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered.” (Proverbs 21:13)

The poor ARE entitled to assistance because God’s heart is for the poor and the needy. It is also a theme running throughout scripture; both Old and New Testament.

When we deny the increased assistance that the poor call out for we are turning our backs on Jesus. We are refusing to live our stewardship as we were asked to. God left us in charge of his house and family and we have broken it and left the people to starve all because we don’t like the idea of giving the government the money we have (God’s money); but after all Jesus DID teach us to “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give unto God what is God’s.”

Instead we are keeping what belongs to Caesar for ourselves and outright refusing to give God what belongs to Him. How entitled does that sound..?

A Common Excuse…

Many extremely well intentioned Christians argue that ‘The government needs to step back and let the Church take care of the poor.’

Honestly, I cannot support this mindset because quite frankly the Church has failed miserably with what little it has. It tithes only 1% of its income; and only 1% of that tithe gets outside of the doors of our gathering areas. If we are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love God above all else; we should be giving our 10% to the body of believers and getting at least half of that out to our brothers and sisters in need.

Jesus taught that we must first be faithful with few things before we can be put in charge of many (Matt 25:14-30). So until the Church can rectify this problem with what we DO possess I cannot support the removal of government aide.

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Obama on “Roe v. Wade” and the “Religious Right’s” response

I’ve got to be honest; the “Religious Right” has disappointed me again with their attacks on President Obama over “Roe v. Wade.” They have vilified and criticized him for being a “baby-killer” because he showed a sign of appreciation for the decision to give women the freedom to choose whether or not to go through with a pregnancy.

For the record I am pro-life. Pro-life in that I believe in the preservation of life; whether that be plant, animal, or human. While, every situation is personal and individualized, in most cases I would go out of my way to preserve life. Given my lack of personal or intimate experience with abortion I do not see myself as fit to comment on the topic itself aside from what I have just mentioned. If there was any way in which I could help a mother choose to carry her fetus to term rather than aborting it I would do that, but I will not fault her or condemn her for making a different decision.

Where my frustration enters the equation is not over the protests of the Presidents comments, but of the lack of affirmation and support given to them.

The protests, like the President’s support, are political. In his statement President Obama comments on his support being about protecting Constitutional rights; which is one of his fiduciary duties as the President. As citizens, anyone has the freedom to assemble and protest any political actions or in-actions (like attempting to repeal said court ruling). I will not fault either side for those actions.

Where I will fault Christians is the choice to protest something that we cannot change (the President’s beliefs) rather than joining with him on something we do agree with… finding and eliminating the root cause of unwanted pregnancies.

“While this is a sensitive and often divisive issue — no matter what our views, we must stay united in our determination to prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, reduce the need for abortion, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.” -President Barack Obama

Why is that part of the speech not addressed by this community of believers!? That is what we are really after, isn’t it? Not that women be FORCED to choose to keep the baby, but that women WANT to keep the baby.

Why can’t we put away our petty differences and work towards this goal? Why do we have to cause more stress and pressure for women considering abortion than helping relieve it? Why do we push women who have had abortions in the past, or that would do it again out of the Church? Why do we always choose division over unity? It is so unlike our Christ.

So please “religious right,” listen to my appeal. It is one thing to HAVE strong Christian morals, it is a completely different thing to LIVE strong Christian morals. Let’s not be dragged down by political partisanship. Let’s work along-side our President to achieve COMMON goals, preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing the need for abortion, encouraging healthy relationships, promoting adoption (I once heard if every “Christian family” in the United States adopted 1-2 children there would be no orphans here! How rad would that witness be?), and most importantly supporting pregnant women and mothers!


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