Repeating sins of the past

Everyone knows the cliche’, “History repeats itself,” but just like teenagers feel invincible to car crashes, we all feel immune to history actually rearing its ugly head and biting us in the backside. For some reason Christians REALLY can’t figure this out (intentionally or unintentionally).

Loss of Culture / Babel

The loss of culture in the modern era is absolutely astounding. The BBC has reported that in the last 50 years over 200 languages that are native to India have been lost due to coastal, rural, and nomadic immigration. Poverty and War has sent millions of refugees worldwide far from their homes and cultures. In the United States there has been an especially vocal group advocating a single, national language.

Whether it is intentional or not I can’t help but see a modern day Babel being built. Have we forgotten the story about the danger of a world with one language? One culture?

Revelation 7 speaks to the beauty of humanity, every nation, every tribe, and every language united by Christ and singing in their own voice. No single human possesses all the characteristics of Jesus of Nazareth, but every characteristic is represented somewhere and in some person and culture here on earth.

When we hear that our war, our pollution, and our greed are the driving forces behind the loss of culture we should take that as an indictment of how we are currently living. We need to REPENT and modify the way we interact with each other and creation so that when we are at the throne our entire choir is present.

Serving Two Masters

Jesus once said, “No one can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

When confronted with a question about taxes, Jesus later says, “Whose head is (on the money)? And whose title?” His point being that money has the emperor’s image and belongs to the emperor.

So what do 1950s Americans do?

They decide to put “In God We Trust” on all of our money and go about acting like every time we spend a cent we are serving God in some sick, twisted, roundabout way! As if putting God’s name on our money excuses us from choosing between God and wealth!

Sin is a crafty devil; haunting our every step and we are the ones to blame for letting it seep into our world. We need to be wary of not only these two examples, but any others that are subliminally challenging our freedom in Christ.

Coincidentally, both of these problems can be solved by personally and communally participating in the Old Testament Jubilee. We must sacrifice of ourselves in order to preserve the earth and each other. We must give freely from our personal storehouses to reduce our dependence on wealth. And we must ultimately (and ironically) live in a way that is consistent with the United State’s ORIGINAL motto, “E plurbus unum.”

Out of many, one.


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