Are there Christians in Hell?

Short answer, yes.

If you disagree, quick read Matthew 7:21-23 and 25:31-46 so we can be on the same page; because the real question isn’t whether or not Christians are in Hell, but why and how ANYONE experiences either Heaven or Hell?

Given the debate on the terms ‘Christian’ and ‘Hell’ (what they are and what they mean) let me say for this post ‘Christian’ means a person who professes to be a follower of Jesus. Hell in this post refers to anywhere that is NOT Heaven.

A lot of people and Christian ministries quote Romans 10:9 (speak and believe Jesus is Lord and raised from the dead) as the way to “get to” heaven/be “saved.”

I’ll tell you what, I have seen too many people pray “the prayer of salvation” and be declared ‘SAVED’ by the administer of the prayer… it’s bull crap. If it were true why would Jesus say that some people who call him “Lord” will be left out of the Kingdom of Heaven? How do people that acknowledge Jesus with their mouths get put on the outside?

In Matthew 7 Jesus says it is because they did not do the will of God.

In Matthew 25 Jesus gets more specific with why the sheep get in and the goats are left out. The “sheep” that eventually enter Heaven fed the hungry and thirsty, clothed the naked, welcomed strangers, took care of the sick, and visited the imprisoned.

Let me point out here that Jesus doesn’t say that any of them “prayed for salvation” or “confessed with their tongues” about him. These people did what Jesus and the prophets asked them to do. These people acted on the will of God.

It didn’t matter how loudly the goats shouted, “Lord!” because that confession is just organized sound compared to the self-sacrificial love of the sheep.

The sheep confessed who Jesus was, not with the words, “Jesus is my savior,” but with words and actions that told and showed people that they are loved and valued.

People love to talk about hell, who gets in and who’s ‘out.’ Not many are willing to address Jesus’ own words that glorify the humble servants and disparage the ones who shout, “Lord!” the loudest.

Without getting too deep into ‘Heaven/Hell’ theology we know a couple things.

  1. Jesus says Heaven is coming
  2. Jesus says Heaven is here

The explanation for heaven being here now is that it lives within us. The difference between the ‘sheep’ and the ‘goats’ is that the sheep live as though the Kingdom of Heaven is already here, because it is… within themselves. The goats, on the other hand, are waiting for Heaven to come without realizing that they possess the ability to speed up Heaven now through their own actions.

So I guess the real question is not whether or not someone will go to Heaven or Hell, but whether or not Heaven exists within them right here, right now? Do you live like you are already a part of Heaven? How can you live in that way more fully?


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