If you’re against birth control, use a different argument…

The argument…

‘Using birth-control hinders/retards/prevents the gift of childbearing,’ or something of that nature.

I will not disagree that the ability to conceive a child is a gift. I will not disagree that the ability to impregnate is a gift. What I will disagree with is that we are hindering, retarding, or preventing the gift in a way that is out of line with God’s will.

My reasoning…

1)      Gifts do not need to (and in some cases should NOT) be used to their fullest extent at all times.

If my gift were teaching, it would not be appropriate to teach at all times. There must be time allotted for students to absorb and apply information. If my gift were prophesy, it would not be appropriate to prophesy at all times. It would leave no time to reflect on our past or live in the present. Even if my gift was exhortation (encouraging others) it would not be appropriate to use at all times because it would neglect the feelings of the mournful and work to negate the laments they offer.

In the same way, when our sexual intimacy is focused only on conception and pregnancy it draws away from the other benefits of a healthy sexual relationship between a couple.

2)      Not all birth control is used to prevent pregnancy.

Birth control pills are essentially hormone supplements. A pill composed of something already occurring in your body naturally. Increasing the levels of those hormones helps people of all ages control severe acne and other skin disorders, prevent multiple types of cancer including breast, ovarian, and skin, as well as many other medical benefits related directly to the menstrual cycle (cramps, heavy flow, etc.).

The intent is not to prevent “God’s Plan” for their life (in the form of a child), but to live a closer to normal life than their circumstances currently allow; no different than any other medical treatment.

3)      God will not be denied.

If God does feel so strongly that it is best for Jane Doe to have a child, my guess is that Jane Doe is going to have a child. We ARE talking about the God who allowed Abraham and Sarah to bear a child when they were far past child-bearing age, the same God who allowed Zacharias and Elizabeth to conceive when Elizabeth was old and barren, the very same God who impregnated Mary although she had never before had intercourse!

If God can overcome old age, barrenness, and a virgin; I’m sure he will have no problem overcoming an increase in hormone levels or a thin piece of latex…

I believe that the real atrocity is that God’s people have become overly concerned with someone else’s choice to take a pill or wear a piece of plastic instead of addressing the true enemies of the Kingdom of Heaven… pride, injustice, and being unforgiving.


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