Hypocrisy of Language: Justice

Based on personal interactions, I assume that most people would agree that the definition of Justice is best summed up as, “the administering of deserved punishment or reward,” or even more simply… being fair.

My feeling is that the problem, and thus the hypocrisy, of the word (from a Judeo-Christian perspective) is that we are carrying a misunderstanding of the word ‘deserved’.

Despite all of Jesus’ warnings about our inability to serve two masters (between God and Money), the United States has been a nation that has been working tirelessly to reconcile our love for money with our personal Christian heritages. This has left many Christians within the U.S. to believe in theology that states “you get what you deserve” or “you get what you earn.” I believe this is in direct opposition to God’s view of justice…

Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are all about Israel prostituting herself out to other gods in order to grow in wealth, power, and weight. This isn’t to say that the Judeo-Christian God doesn’t love the wealthy or the overweight, but it IS saying that God does not like the results of such behavior… the oppression of people.

Every single human is made in God’s image. We are also inhabited by the Spirit of Jesus himself.

When we oppress other people, we directly oppress God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Gandhi is quoted as saying that, “There is enough in the world for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

If we take this assessment seriously, then we understand that every action of greed we take is a direct action of oppression against someone else in the world. We may not ever know that person or what happened to them, but we must make ourselves aware of the fact that it occurred.

If this is getting depressing or overwhelming stay with me. We’re about to hit the “hope button” and wrap things up.

The hypocrisy of “you get what you deserve” is that it assumes that justice occurs naturally. Whereas, throughout the Bible, God makes it very clear that justice is a choice for people.

Where it relates specifically to money and the United States is that people here equate “you get what you deserve” to how hard you work; which creates a society of EARNED. As I said earlier, God is in direct opposition to this belief. James writes that “EVERY good and perfect gift is… from the Father…” (emphasis added).

Our physical abilities, our mental capacities, the very air we breathe and life we live is all a gift from God. No gifts can be earned, “so that no one may boast…” Every human being deserves to share in the gifts of God, simply because they are made in God’s image and have been chosen by God.

God’s first covenant with Abraham required Abraham not only to RECEIVE God’s blessings, but to BE God’s blessing to all other people. If we are the recipient of one or more of God’s blessings, we must never think we earned it. We must only turn and share that blessing with someone who has not yet received it. That is true justice.

When we love, we show true justice.


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