‘Defiling the sanctity of marriage’

It’s been a while since I’ve done this whole “blogging” thing. Forgive me if I neglect any etiquette or manners, but I need to comment briefly on that one statement.

If you are not aware, North Carolina has passed an amendment defining marriage between “one man and one woman” as the only legal domestic union.

In addition to the above mentioned statement on the sanctity of marriage, a radio ad in support of the amendment argued that we “cannot allow a group of adults to change the definition of marriage,” simply by voting on it.

My question, as a born and raised Catholic and self professing Christian, is, “Where in the hell did you get the definition of marriage?”

I have read every line in the Bible at least once; and nowhere do I recall even a side-note with a definition for marriage in it. So I’m going to have to assume that if you are arguing from the position of God’s partnering of Adam with Eve (if this is not your line of rhetoric, please inform me so that I may respond more appropriately). A male and female as the story goes.

And therein lies our answer.

The word story… I submit to you the reason there is no “Godly” definition for marriage is because God wrote no dictionary of terms. Whether you believe the events in Genesis are fact or fiction, there is NO debate as to the writing style, narrative prose. It is a story. It is not a dictionary. To use it as such would be irresponsible, incorrect, and “obscure the meaning“.

While this is an incredibly complex issue within the faith (and I have plenty to say, believe me) I will spare you the preaching and finish with a question based only on what I have presented here.

By allowing same-sex (or intersexed) couples to marry; who’s definition of marriage is being robbed of its sanctity? Is it GOD’S definition (as you claim), or is it really your own?


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