Lest we forget

I’ve been trying to write something witty, biting, and sarcastic. Something to convict the heart (yours or my own) with a combination of snobbery and know-it-all-ness.

I don’t mean it in a bad way; it is just one of the most effective methods I use in pitting my self-confidence against my self-doubt.

I failed… multiple times. So let me cut to the chase brutally, honestly, and perhaps slightly judgmentally.

I am unsatisfied with the surface level celebration of Easter and Christmas. It’s enough to rank them at the bottom of my “favorite holiday list” (we’re talking dead last). Is a mention on our twitter or facebook really what Jesus takes as thankfulness?

“I love you so much Jesus and am so thankful for your death that I am going to force feed my ‘future Heaven’ theology down the throats of anyone who will look at my profile.”

Are you kidding me? That’s the best we’ve got? We might as well GTFO.

Here’s a stat for you… 99% of people who read this won’t repost it; and it isn’t because it’s a picture of “white Jesus” hugging a blond little boy. It’s because people don’t like being told they are wrong.

Guess what? We’re wrong!

As Christians our “most used” evangelizing technique is telling people that Jesus loves them so much that he died so they could live sinless (might as well be “fun-less”) and forever.

Holy crap is that corny.

Living forever is really the number one thing we offer people outside of Christianity..? That’s believable. You know what a miracle is? That Christianity is even still around with a selling point like that.

“Give us your money, give up what you love, and spend more time engaging in group think.”

Eff that noise. I want the Christianity that Jesus lived and taught. I want what he preached in Nazareth, in the Sermon on the Mount, and when he forgave the people as they drove nails, whips, and swords into him.

It was LITERALLY a damned dirty mess (Deut 21:23 and Gal 3:13).

God is no “conjurer of cheap tricks.” There is nothing magical about salvation. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes so much sweat, blood, and tears that we often cannot see the road under our own feet and may even collapse because of it.

And that’s ok; because even Jesus needed Simon to help him out.

If we are TRULY grateful for the sacrifice made for us, then we will in turn make the SAME sacrifice on behalf of others. Putting our priorities (evangelism, “soul-winning”, and the growth of our churches) second and God’s priorities (honesty, integrity, humility, mercy, justice, and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) first.

I wrote this a week ago on Easter morning. I’ve had a week to calm myself, but still feel the need to publish it. Please, wait for my next post before you pass judgment on me as an angry and flagrant heathen. I promise it will be more centered and organized.


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