Hell Has Two Fronts

The demise of the Hitler led, Nazi regime was due in large part to having to fight wars on opposite sides of the country. Without getting too detailed, the blitzkrieg strategy the Germans used was effective in expanding the empire quickly and physically separating Germany’s enemies from coordinating attacks.

What the Allies realized was that Germany could not withstand a long, drawn out war from multiple sides. The Allies took their weakness and Germany’s strength and flipped it around on itself.

I believe there is a great deal we humans can learn from this simplistic view of WWII strategy in our battle against our enemies, “the spiritual forces“.

Satan has been effective at separating all sorts of different demographics of people into two distinct camps… the rich and the poor. Monetarily. People with lots of money and people without. This split is now more defined than any point in United States history.

We can assume Satan has done this because the disparity between rich and poor is bad for humanity. I believe He has done this in order to create a war between the classes. If the poor are too concerned with getting what they do not have or the rich are too busy holding onto what they already possess, then both sides are too preoccupied to notice the spiritual realm.

Those are our two fronts. Satan has created a U.S. vs. U.S.S.R. mentality between the rich and the poor. Moving quickly and decisively he wants to confuse us and cloud our vision from seeing each other clearly. He wants us to question the heart and motivation of the other; to become wrapped up in debates with who owes who what and which one should move first. The poor believe the rich are selfish and the rich think the poor are lazy.

What we need to do instead is attack from both fronts in a long drawn out battle. The rich must face their temptations of wealth and give away the possessions and money they do not need to those who do. The poor must confront their temptation to blame their oppressors and pray on their behalf. We must wage spiritual warfare that benefits the other and frees them from the barricades that Satan has placed in their heart preventing charity and goodwill.

Christians on all parts of the economic continuum must remember that it is unity that Christ desires, not division. Capitalism breeds disparity, but we can’t fight it with socialism; we have to fight it with love. Shane Claiborne puts it this way…

“When we truly discover how to love our neighbor as our self, Capitalism will not be possible and Marxism will not be necessary.”

Let’s love our neighbors and wage war against the gates of Hell.


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  1. Love your struggle to make sense of it all.

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