Obama on “Roe v. Wade” and the “Religious Right’s” response

I’ve got to be honest; the “Religious Right” has disappointed me again with their attacks on President Obama over “Roe v. Wade.” They have vilified and criticized him for being a “baby-killer” because he showed a sign of appreciation for the decision to give women the freedom to choose whether or not to go through with a pregnancy.

For the record I am pro-life. Pro-life in that I believe in the preservation of life; whether that be plant, animal, or human. While, every situation is personal and individualized, in most cases I would go out of my way to preserve life. Given my lack of personal or intimate experience with abortion I do not see myself as fit to comment on the topic itself aside from what I have just mentioned. If there was any way in which I could help a mother choose to carry her fetus to term rather than aborting it I would do that, but I will not fault her or condemn her for making a different decision.

Where my frustration enters the equation is not over the protests of the Presidents comments, but of the lack of affirmation and support given to them.

The protests, like the President’s support, are political. In his statement President Obama comments on his support being about protecting Constitutional rights; which is one of his fiduciary duties as the President. As citizens, anyone has the freedom to assemble and protest any political actions or in-actions (like attempting to repeal said court ruling). I will not fault either side for those actions.

Where I will fault¬†Christians is the choice to protest something that we cannot change (the President’s beliefs) rather than joining with him on something we do agree with… finding and eliminating the root cause of unwanted pregnancies.

“While this is a sensitive and often divisive issue — no matter what our views, we must stay united in our determination to prevent unintended pregnancies, support pregnant women and mothers, reduce the need for abortion, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.” -President Barack Obama

Why is that part of the speech not addressed by this community of believers!? That is what we are really after, isn’t it? Not that women be FORCED to choose to keep the baby, but that women WANT to keep the baby.

Why can’t we put away our petty differences and work towards this goal? Why do we have to cause more stress and pressure for women considering abortion than helping relieve it? Why do we push women who have had abortions in the past, or that would do it again out of the Church? Why do we always choose division over unity? It is so unlike our Christ.

So please “religious right,” listen to my appeal. It is one thing to HAVE strong Christian morals, it is a completely different thing to LIVE strong Christian morals. Let’s not be dragged down by political partisanship. Let’s work along-side our President to achieve COMMON goals, preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing the need for abortion, encouraging healthy relationships, promoting adoption (I once heard if every “Christian family” in the United States adopted 1-2 children there would be no orphans here! How rad would that witness be?), and most importantly supporting pregnant women and mothers!



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2 responses to “Obama on “Roe v. Wade” and the “Religious Right’s” response

  1. Kalene Jaeger

    I think I am one of the “Religious Right” you speak of…
    I feel that I understand your points of dissatisfaction and agree on many of them. The way you have perceived the “Religious Right” offers a fair judgment. However, please don’t perceive all of “us” this way, since I only personally know (hundreds) and am united with (hundreds of thousands) who think like myself. Which is:
    1. The US Declaration of Independence explicitly states that all men are endowed by Their Creator with certain unalienable rights, of these, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Without the first, the other two are of no use. So you can deduce that it is a primary right that is God-given. Therefore, the person in the womb has the right to life, which trumps that of the mother’s right to her pursuit of happiness (if she is assuming this person will infringe on this in any way). This clearly means that abortion is an unacceptable moral wrong even in man-made law,and definitely in God’s law.
    2. I DO NOT condemn women or men for having an abortion or being pro-choice for that matter. As a believer of Christ, I strive to help them, even though they don’t always see they need help. I have prayed, and offered support outside of abortion facilities, and I have seen the truth of abortion first-hand in the faces of victims. A majortiy of women are being pressured by their boyfriend, sister, mother, facility employees and especially our society as a whole, into an abortion. They are scared and feel that they have ‘no’ choice, but abortion. How ironic?
    3. Tolerance IS NOT A CHRISTIAN VIRTUE. Christ does not call us to be lukewarm people who choose to not get involved in matters that we feel don’t concern our immediate self. Condoning the evils of our fellow man only bring down the entire Body of Christ. Therefore as Christians, and in a Christ-like manner, we are to minister and offer healing to those who are victims of the tragedy of abortion. Another implication is putting our faith into action by making abortion illegal to protect the lives at risk, especially since they have no voice. Christ does not want anyone to be ‘on the fence’ about an issue with the overwhelming number of LIVES at risk. (more than 54 million since 1973)
    4. I strongly agree with your idea that we should unite on common ground to eliminate (you say “reduce”) the need for abortion. The President’s words above sound like he agrees as well, but his actions have shown otherwise. Eating out the hand of Planned Parenthood and NARAL (the abortion industry) displays his loyalty. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen him sending hundreds of milliIons to directly support the other “non-abortion choices” that women in crisis pregnancy should have. Making abortion the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and most available option will NOT DECREASE its occurence. Someone who maintains this logic (especially the President) needs a conversion of heart, which I pray many people experience!
    5. Finally, I know what you’re thinking—ignorant fool—she doesn’t know that the money going to Planned Parenthood is for CONTRACEPTION, our savior in the abortion crisis. It is clear to any person seeking truth that contraception is not the answer. I will accredit contraception with the overall reduction of abortions since 1990. However,
    A.It dramatically INCREASES sexually active people who obviously don’t want a to have a child. Again, this INCREASES the likelyhood of unwanted pregnancies. It is simple, if you don’t want a child, don’t partake in child-making activities. Mr. President, please increase support to abstinence programs instead of handing 7th graders a condom.
    *There is a big difference between sexual EUDCATION and sexual INFORMATION. The first SHOULD teach self-respect and dignity of the body, the latter leads to experiementation, abuse, and more unwanted pregnancies than the first. “We can never stop all unplanned pregnancies from happening. Human nature is what it is; people fail to live up to standards every day. But the first and essential step is HAVING standards.” http://liveaction.org/blog/what-we-must-do-before-abortion-is-illegal/
    *It is also completely safe to say that abortion has become another form of birth control in the US today. It teaches sexually active populations that they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions, and can ‘erase’ a mistake. When someone doesn’t have to face up to a consequence for a mistake, they tend to not learn the deeper lessen. In this case, don’t have sex unless you are ready to raise a child in a loving home.
    B.When a culture becomes sexually promiscuious you have downward spiral of effects: pornography, treating each other as objects for self-gratification, rape, incest, divorce, breakdown of the family unit, and decline of Christian moral values on all levels. This is just a mention, read more at http://www.christopherwest.com/page.asp?ContentID=95
    C.Contraception perpetuates in our minds the idea that a child is a commodity and not a blessing (which is what God calls children). I can have a child when I want one (IVF) or when I don’t (contraception). This is not how God looks on the new life He as co-created at conception. He has created each person with a specific purpose in life, for the GOOD. (One reason why one cannot make a judgment that unwanted pregnancies will be a burden to socitey)

    In the end, it is just as you said, we need to LIVE strong Christian morals, support pregnant women/mothers, and be generous with our love (and resources) until it hurts. I pray that more will see God’s truth about babies, sex and love–the fabric of our society depends on it!
    THIS IS the Pro-Life Movement of the 21st century that I am deeply a part of.
    In peace and truth for Life,

  2. Thank you for your response. I appreciate the civility and well thought out answers as opposed to a blinded “you’re wrong” approach. I would like to respond to a couple points.

    1. While I personally agree with you on our Creator endowing us with rights, the Declaration is not a legally binding document aside from declaring the United State’s independence. My point was that I cannot politically fault the president for upholding the politically binding decision of “Roe v. Wade”

    2. I applaud your commitment to not only being non-judgmental but to helping people in need. I will say that your comment on helping ‘even though they don’t always see they need help’ is awfully self-righteous. How far are you willing to go to micro-manage someone else’s life? Even the power of God is limited by free-will.

    3. Another classic calling-card of the “religious right” is that tolerance is not a Christian virtue. I would disagree based on the grounds of what is being tolerated. We know from Paul’s writing that the evils we are to be at war with are spiritual in nature. You write as if the people doing this were evil in and of themselves, however, Paul tells us that the evil we do is not us, but sin within us. Sins are not actions, but attitudes and beliefs in our hearts. The actions are physical representations of those attitudes and beliefs Satan has been using to create a “works-based theology” for centuries. This is why I believe focus should not be on the act of abortion (the physical result of a belief or attitude), but on the reasons (beliefs or attitudes) that lead to abortion. We must chase the reason back to the beginning, especially if it comes from someone influencing a woman with their own personal agenda.

    4. I mostly agree and acknowledge that this is where I drew my inspiration for the post. I see the “religious right” trying to change the President’s heart through political protest and aggression. I believe changes of heart only occur through love, care, and understanding. Jesus went to people, worked with them, and loved them before anything changed. I think we should take that approach. Demonizing people only builds resentment.

    5. We will have to agree to disagree, because I agree with the research that says abstinence only education does not work. Sexual exploration and experimentation happens naturally even before children are cognizant of what they are doing. Sexuality is one of the great mysteries of where our animal bodies meet God’s divine spirit and the Bible is not a “sex guide” like many people want it to be. People have sex and when they do so in a sinful manner there is forgiveness.

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