Are you moving?

Out of the Renaissance came a theory called the inevitability or idea of progress; that human culture and society is going to get better so long as people are not actively working to slow or neutralize it. We will gain more knowledge, understanding, and inevitably happiness as time progresses.

Things that took other people lifetimes to learn and communicate, we can learn in a few days by reading a book. I mean, Mark writes what he wants us to know about Jesus in 16 short chapters! What used to be a 2-3 day journey from Dallas to Houston now takes a little over three hours on I-45! A previously 7 WEEK (minimum) correspondence between New York and London is now an instant message away.

I believe in this theory and I also believe that it aligns itself closely with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ teaching in John 15 lets us know that our joy is the purpose of love, in Jesus’ prayer in John 17 tells us our connection as one body is desirable, and in Revelation 7 we are shown where these two components meet.

Throughout the course of time humanity has received the revelation of God’s love, intentions, and purpose for this world, how we are included in that vision, the means to advance our resources (skills/abilities/technology) to that point, and then the ability to become more efficient in the use of those resources.

All are necessary steps along the continuum on both a small and large scale. A single life and humanity as a whole. As individuals we must come to know God’s personal love and grace, our purpose in the larger vision, we must acquire and develop the resources (skills/abilities/materials) to accomplish that ‘purpose’, and then grow in efficiency of practice of those resources so we can add more effort to the cause.

It is a very broad explanation and I do that purposefully because it fits every human, in every situation that has ever existed. Try it. Apply it to your own life. Where have you experienced acceptance, sought responsibility, mastered that responsibility, and then accepted more? Your home, your clubs, your profession?

I start with that background to move quickly into and through the reason of this post and namesake of the title.

The world is moving, humanity is moving, God is moving. We are not needed. We may resist. We may slow movement in our own lives and we may neutralize it completely, but that does not take away from everything moving around us. We are desired. We are lifted up. We are encouraged. We are even “Dared to Move” by our brothers in the band Switchfoot.

A song in which we are welcomed and anticipated in the first verse, accepted and added to the movement in the second, asked where else we would go in the bridge, and dared to move throughout the whole song.

It is one of my favorites no matter where I am at in life because the only dare is that we move, that we improve, that we live how we best know how.

I specifically ask, “Are you satisfied in life?” because I do not mean, “are you happy,” or “are you content?” I mean, “Are you satisfied?” Is there nothing in the world that brings you dissatisfaction? The answer should most assuredly be “NO!” and in that case I ask, “Are you moving?” If not, I dare you to.


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  1. Trying to move with, not behind and not ahead of the one I profess to “follow”….great post to ponder….thanks

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