Take this seriously…

I know you won’t be able to read this for a few more hours due to my decision to “black out” in protest of PIPA/SOPA, however, I wanted to comment briefly that we need to take our rights as citizens seriously.

The Constitution doesn’t outline matters of freedom concerning the internet for obvious reasons. There is no way that the Framers could have possibly known about these issues. We need to now take a stand and make a decision as to what we want our own future to look like. For years we have looked to the past as a guide of what to do now, but here we are in uncharted territory.

We are facing the limitation of our liberties… censorship based on opinion with the opportunity for abuse and overly-aggressive punishments. This video gives a quick explanation of what is happening.

I do not condone the act of piracy or stealing, but there ARE already measures in place for the punishment and restriction of those actions. Like the video stated, this legislation will not stop people who are determined to steal and pirate material. What it WILL do is decrease the average person’s ability to share information and ideas across the global internet.

Side with our country’s founding members and say, ‘Yes’ to liberty. Do not let the rash actions against a few individuals restrict YOUR access to information.


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