Thoughts From a Lukewarm Disciple

Suburban. White. Male. Upper-middle Class. High School Diploma. College Education. Part-time Job. Non-divorced Parents. Money in my bank account. Food in the Refrigerator. Insurance. A Cell Phone.

What do all of these things have in common?

They are a part of my life and I can’t/couldn’t really control them. Granted, I could quit my job, I could have dropped out of school, or not purchased food or a phone. However, in the culture that I’ve grown from, it is assumed that those are things you need in life.

There is one more thing they hold in common…

Currently, they make up the bars to the cage that I’m locked inside of.

The lock itself…

Safety and Complacency.

I’ve been lulled to sleep by the lack of suffering and trial that accompanies living in the suburbs, from living in a place of wealth and self-reliance. Like many of my neighbors I believe that my cage is keeping bad things away from me. Good news… it’s working. The sad part is that it is keeping us from finding the good things in life that exist outside of our cage.

For this reason, my blog is named. It is written reflections from my own mind as I fight to break out of this cage and into a world where unlimited joy can be found. Undoubtedly I will encounter and even choose suffering, pain, and temptation. But unless that risk is taken I will forever be “lukewarm.”



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